How To Add Character To Interior Designs

Just because a home is well-decorated, doesn’t mean it exudes enough character to overwhelm guests. Making it a lot more attractive does not even require a remodel. There are affordable ways to add character to a room. Here are some:

rugs under coffee tableUse Rugs

Choose rugs that complement the overall theme of the room. If your furniture and walls have patterns, choose a plain rug. If the walls and furniture have single colors, choose a patterned rug. The most common area this is placed is under the center coffee table, by the fireplace, or by the door.

indoor plantsAdd Plants

Plants will always be the best decorative add-ons. If you have a lot of space, add tall plants in decorative pots and place them in corners or by the window. If you have a lot going on already, choose the smaller types and place them on the center table or above the fireplace. You can also have a vertical garden built indoors if you have a bare wall somewhere. Vertical gardens are gorgeous and very easy to maintain.

stained concrete indoor floorResurface Floors

A decorative concrete overlay in Philadelphia is a popular floor enhancement solution. A professional concrete contractor lays out the coating or overlay onto an existing interior floor and then customize it to your liking. Some of the popular options are stamped patterns, acid or water-based stains, paint chips, epoxy coating, and more.

indoor hang wall decorHang Wall Decor

This is a no-brainer. Bare walls could definitely use some wall decor. But choose your items wisely. Sometimes, instead of adding character to the room, it does the opposite. Choose timeless pieces that go with just about any furniture you have. You can even recycle stuff and hang them on the wall. This could be an old wagon wheel, an old glass-less window frame, an intricately designed throw, and more.

indoor living room lampLighting

Lighting can do so much. Not only will it be decorative, it provides additional illumination. If you are choosing stand-alone lighting fixtures like lamps, make sure their sizes are appropriate for the space you have. If the room is small, opt for thin and tall ones. For wider spaces, bulky lamps will go well. You may also want to avoid having one bulb receptacle on the ceiling. Choose about four if the room is wide enough. Have them installed like penlights or as decorative lighting fixtures hanging from the ceiling or wall.

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